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Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2023

Do you have a passion for kid’s mental wellness and finding work that matters?

So do we 💛

Kids need support now more than ever. Join us to help combat the mental health crisis.

This makes for a remarkably focused and fulfilling experience. People looking for purposeful work, it’s a game-changing, soul-lifting move.

If that sounds exciting and the job description below feels like a good fit, apply today to become a Clayful Coach for the 2023/2024 school year.

👋 Who we are
A group of educators, coaches, and education technology enthusiasts addressing the student mental wellness crisis. Learn more about Clayful here.

More info about us!

💪 Our mission
We started Clayful to bridge the gap to affordable mental health care, so we can finally provide all kids with the support they need to thrive.

😎 What is coaching at Clayful like?
Get ready to gain a completely new perspective on mental health and learn a host of useful tools and research-based practices for not only empowering kids and teens mental wellness, but to use in your own lives too!

Not only will you be able to help support kids and teen’s mental wellness, but you’ll be able to learn from like-minded folks and have access to mental wellness tips and resources that you can use outside of Clayful.

“This is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever been a part of!”
— current Clayful Coach

All coaches will learn:

  • How to be a neutral guide for kids and teens
  • Clayful tools that enable kids and teens to be their best selves
  • When to ask questions and when to listen
  • How to create safe and comfortable chat spaces
  • How to follow escalation procedures during crisis-based chats.

During each coaching shift, you are supported by a clinically licensed Coach Supervisor who specialize in managing crisis-based chats. We're here for you and we work as a team!

🖥️ Clayful Certification Program
Our certification program is the only chat-based mental wellness coach certification program. You’ll be learning specific chat-based techniques for coaching kids and teens.

The Clayful Certification consists of 3 training sections and will take 6-8 weeks to complete. You’ll be able to complete most of the training asynchronously, at your own pace, just within the allotted timeframes for each training section.

You will also be able to experience chat simulations as part of your training with a current Clayful Coach so you get some live hands-on practice before graduating!

How much is the program? $0! We cover the $1200 cost so you don't have to pay anything!

📅 Hours, scheduling, and compensation
A common question we get about being a Clayful Coach is, “How many hours will I get?”

After you become certified, you’ll become a Level I Clayful Coach. This means that you’ll be able to pick up shifts during high chat demand times. We anticipate this being around 10 hours a month, but hope to be able to offer even more hours for all coaches in the near future.

Level I Clayful Coach shifts could vary depending on school needs, but typically range from 1-3 hours.

When we need coaches to hop on to assist with chats, you’ll be able to claim shifts that work best for your schedule so those with flexible schedules tend to pick up the most shifts.

Every coaching shift you claim will pay $15/hour. This is a 1099 contract position - you will be responsible for paying taxes to the government.

👉Who you are
In providing the best care for kids and teens, we’re looking for a few things:

  • Experience - you’ve worked in the mental health field or with kids or teens
  • Empathy and awareness - a strong understanding of the experiences kids and teens from historically marginalized communities such as: people of color, LGBTQIA+, and economically disadvantaged individuals
  • Quick learner - coaches chat with kids and teens through a chat platform. This means you'll need to be a quick learner to effectively navigate and communicate using the provided platform
  • A flexible schedule - our Level I coaching happens on-demand. This means you are able to hop on and chat with kids when needed
  • Great written communication skills - all of our coaching happens through chat. Love to send a good emoji or gif? We do too!

💼 Work requirements

  • Must complete and pass a rigorous background check
  • Reliable laptop or computer (no tablets or cell phones)
  • Must be able to effectively navigate and communicate using the provided platforms
  • Fast, reliable internet (minimum of 50 mbps download speed) and a computer (no tablet or phones)
  • A quiet, distraction-free place to work
  • Must be a United States resident to apply, and must reside in the US your entire time with Clayful

🤘 How do I become a Clayful Coach?
Love what you’ve read so far? Amazing! Here’s what to expect with the application process:

Step 1: Complete the written application and Wedge (video) interview
Step 2: Your application and video interview will be individually reviewed by humans! Sit tight, we’ll reach out to you with next steps
Step 3: We’ll ask for 3 references. 2 can be character references like a family member or close friend and 1 must be a professional reference
Step 4: You’ll be invited to a Live Group Interview with a current Clayful Coach and up to 4 other candidates
Step 5: Attend our 1 hour Welcome Session where you’ll learn more about Clayful, sign up for our training platform and be ready to start your first training section
Step 6: Complete all training sections, start claiming coaching shifts and improving kids’ mental wellness, one chat at a time!